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We have fully considered all the member's investment plan recommendations, and now we officially launched 10 investment plans, 7 plans of which will generate profits after a certain number of days, and 3 plans is daily profit. We hope that all investors can find their own satisfactory investment plan in our plan.

Total profit: $
Total percent: 105%
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after 1 Day 30$ to 250$
600% after 1 Day
after 2 Days 200$ to 300$
1000% after 2 Day
after 3 Days 301$ to 500$
1500% after 3 Day
after 4 Days 501$ to 1000$
3000% after 4 Day
after 5 Days 1001$ to 2500$
4500% after 5 Day
after 6 Days 2501$ to 5000$
6700% after 6 Day
after 7 Days 5001$ to 10000$
8800% after 7 Day
200% Daily for 30 Days
for deposits from 200$ to 2000$
300% Daily for 40 Days
for deposits from 400$ to 5000$
400% Daily for 50 Days
for deposits from 500$ to 100000$

About us

The company is engaged in professional trading on the Cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin Futures market.At the same time, we have a large number of success stories in the foreign exchange market and the stock market.

Bitcoin trading and other digital currencies are already an important part of our investment, but in addition, our activities also include investments in stocks, foreign exchange markets, and blockchain projects (IEOs), and have obtained generous investments Return. We invite everyone who is interested in obtaining passive income by investing free funds in a profitable business for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The legality of the company's activities is confirmed by publicly available legal certificate.
Studio 210 134-146 Curtain Road, London, England, EC2A 3AR
Registration Number: 12231908
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Why choose us

Data security We are using the strongest DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Transfer information from and to our website is realized and ciphered by SSL Encryption.
User-friendly interface We provide our clients with a user-friendly interface with clear options and workflow, and easy to operate. Any interested individual from any corner of the globe can participate in our investment program.
Stable income Our specialists have developed the optimal investment plans and financial strategies, which provide partners with a stable income from deposits.At the same time, we have strong cash flow to ensure stable payment.
Affiliate program

3% 6% 10%

We invite every investor or promoter to participate in our promotion plan, which will enable you to earn promotion bonuses without investing. We divide the promotion bonus into 3 levels according to the investment amount, even the smallest investment amount has a promotion bonus.

  • Total accounts: 4986
  • Members online: 10
  • Total deposit: 2963959.90$
  • Total withdraw: 4102073.99$
  • Running days: 125
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